Welcome to the new BeautyCloud

Welcome BeautyCloud

Hi guys! Welcome to the renewed BeautyCloud! From today on, my blog will also be available in English. I am a huge makeup lover, but I felt that I wasn’t able to talk about all products I love in the Dutch makeup community (mainly because most products I love are quite hard to get over here). I decided to change things up a bit, so I’ll be able to share all of my favorite products with you.

Voor mijn Nederlandse volgers: niet schrikken! BeautyCloud.nl blijft ook in het Nederlands te lezen. Je kunt hiervoor kiezen in het menu in de header, dan kom je bij de Nederlandse versie van mijn artikelen uit!

New Layout

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a new layout and logo with the amazing Naomi from Deliciae.org. I’m so happy with the result! My new layout is responsive, easier to navigate and a little more interactive than it used to be. I really love my new layout, and I hope you do love it as well!


I want to start off by telling you about the new features of my layout. In the header of my layout, you’ll be able to find all ‘behind the scenes’ pages – some info about me, a contact page, my disclaimer and a FAQ. Also, I added an index to my blog (which can be accessed from the sidebar). Whenever you want to search for a very specific blogpost, you could try to use that to discover new beautyproducts!


One of the other new features on my blog, are buttons that can appear underneath the title of the blogpost whenever it’s necessary. These buttons will clarify whether I’ve bought the product myself or whether I’ve received it as a press sample, whether a blogpost is an ad, whether the blogpost contains affiliate links ánd I added a feature to show you whenever a product is cruelty free. You can read more about this in the disclaimer section of my site.


The only thing I’m not sure about yet are the categories/navigation. Please let me know whether there are more ways in which you want to be able to search my blogpost. I can also add a ‘Brands’ category to make searching for certain brands easier.


Love Button

One of my favorite new features in my layout is the Love button! You can find this at then end of every blogpost (after having read them, not on the homepage). If you like a blogpost but you don’t feel like writing a comment, you could also simply press the ‘Love’ button to show me that you liked the blogpost! This way, I’ll be able to see which blogposts you like best (and I can use that to improve the content in the future!).

For my lovely Dutch followers who have been around forever: I also added a translation plugin, so if you don’t want to read my blogposts in English, you can also choose to translate it into Dutch!

Also, I know my English isn’t always perfect because I’m not used to write in English anymore (I don’t get to practise it on a regular basis since I’m in Uni). My entire education (all lectures and all required books) is in Dutch and I don’t have to use English as often as I had in high school. Please send me an email when you notice any flaws, so that way I might be able to reimprove myself.


Content on BeautyCloud.nl

The content of BeautyCloud will stay the same! I’ll be posting mainly reviews of makeup products (like eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks), previews of upcoming collections/new products, and sometimes I’ll post a tutorial or some eyelooks for inspirational purposes! My youtube videos will still be Dutch spoken (because I’m just too afraid to speak English on camera), but they’ll all get English subtitles so everyone will be able to watch them!

I’m a huge lover of high-end makeup, so that is the kind of makeup you can expect most of the time on this blog (but there also are some amazing budgetproof/drugstore brands which I love, so I’ll discuss them as well)! Also, I’m a huge lover of color and glitter so you will see that kind of looks a lot around here (and on my youtube and Instagram).


For now, I’ll try to post at least 2 blogposts a week (on Wednesday and Sunday) – I have to take some hard exams from now until mid September, and after that, I might add some more blogposts a week if I feel like it.


For now, I hope you enjoy my renewed blog! Please let me know if you have any suggestions (layout wise, content wise or just personal)!

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10 reactions on “Welcome to the new BeautyCloud

  1. Wauw ANneloes, wat ziet het er geweldig uit! Heel mooi deSign. Het lettertype van de comment box ook echt, terwijl ik dit tYp op moBile, supeRvet. Ik vind je engels heel goed hoor, bETer dan ik vaak zie ik op nedeRlandse blogs die engels sChrijven. Maar Schrijf je nu alles in tweeVoud? Nederlands en engels? Wat een werk!

    1. O dat is minder handig: in de commeNt box staaat alles in caps letters maar op de FrOnt end tooNt dit niet als caPs maar zet hij alles om naar normale gRooTte. Al typende zie je dan niet goed of je hoofdletters hebt gebRuikt… Nu lIjk het net alsof ik dronken heb zitten typen 😉

      1. Oei, ik zie het inderdaad (en ik merk het zelf ook nu ik typ). Niet heel handig! Ik zal er nog even naar laten kijken, dankjewel voor de feedback!

  2. Yay congratulations!!!! 😀 the new site is gorgeous and I love the new features! you should really try a video in English, I’d love to hear you speak it, since your writing is so good! 🙂