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Radbag Cadeaus

The regular ‘gifting holidays’ (like Mother’s day) are over now, but in a couple of months, Christmas comes around the corner. I think it’s really hard to find cool, unexpected gifts, so most of the time I start as early as possible to make sure that I have enough inspiration when I have to buy some gifts! For today’s blogpost, I want to show you 10 cool gifts for everyone you can think of.

Radbag Cadeaus

Scratch-off World Map


Everyone knows that one person that loves to travel. I found this map and I think this is such a cool idea! You can scratch every single country you’ve visited and it gets a beautiful color instead of the dull brown, so you can show what parts of the world you’ve seen in a super cool way. I think this would be a great idea if one of your friends traveled across the world.


Heisenberg Cutting Board


Everyone who’s seen Breaking Bad will love this cutting board (as do I)! The cutting board as a cool Heisenberg-design (Heisenberg is the alias from Walter White, the main character in the series) and everyone that has watched the series, will understand the text immediately.The cutting board is made of bamboo and will suit your kitchen perfectly.


Radbag Cadeaus

Game of Thrones Monopoly


I always love gifts that will give you a nice time. I found this Game of Thrones Monopoly Game and I think that every house should own a Monopoly game. Game of Thrones is such a cool show and there are lots of fans, so I think this would be the perfect gift for every single one of them. It’s not only a very original gift, but it’ll give a lot of fun as well!


Baby Nessie Tea-egg


I love tea and I love adorable items, so I really fell in love with this Nessie tea-egg. You can put loose tea leaves inside and make your own tea with Nessie! You don’t have to throw away your tea-bags every single time, and your mug will look cuter than ever before.


Radbag Cadeaus

Zoku Ice Coffee Maker


Zoku is one of the brands I really fell in love with this summer. I do own a slush maker (to get a real cool drink super fast) and an ice cream maker by them, which I both love! I saw that Zoku also has an Ice Coffee maker, and since iced coffee is a huge thing right now, I think it’s a perfect gift for every coffee lover around. You store the Ice Coffee Maker in the freezer and whenever you want ice coffee, you just pour in the hot coffee and you’ll get an ice cool coffee in less than 10 minutes! And the best part: you don’t have to use any ice cubes, so the coffee won’t taste watery. Also, you can close the cup and take it with you when you want to leave the house. Perfect!


Matroschka Measuring Cups


To be honest: measuring cups are super convenient, but they don’t look really pretty in your kitchen. These super cute Matroschka measuring cups will change that! This set contains 3 figures (with a total of 6 measuring cups) which makes it super easy to measure in ‘cups’. For us Europeans, that’s the perfect way to be able to follow American recipes, as they most of the time are written in ‘cups’ instead of ‘grams’.

Radbag Cadeaus

Tornado Glass & Ice Cube Maker


I think this might be the coolest items to spice up your drink a little more. This glass has a tornado ice cube maker insert, so you can form a hollow tornado ice shape in your glass (and create a tornado ice cube at the same time)! When you put in your drink afterwards, it gives a super cool effect.


Wish You Were Beer Mug


The other item I really liked is one that’s perfect for beer-loving people (and let’s be honest: we all know that one person). This is a mug with a beer print on it, so it looks like you’re drinking a jug of beer all day – except, you can just drink coffee or tea. I think everyone will take a look at it and have a laugh, because this is one of the funniest mugs I’ve seen.


Radbag Cadeaus

Lighted Plates


These small plates are perfect for your geeky friend! They light up in neon colors and look like they’re radioactive whenever you put something on top of it. I think this is the perfect gadget for a party! They have a chemistry print which I really like (it shows some radioactive elements in their most stable form) and if you have a chemistry loving friend, this will be the ideal gift.


Tetris Ice Cube Maker


The moment I saw these Tetris Ice Cubes, I fell in love with them. When I was little, I always played Tetris on my Gameboy Color (next to Pokémon Blue!), and this felt super nostalgic. I really enjoyed tetris back in the days, and let’s be honest: these Tetris ice cubes might just be the coolest thing ever!


All items in this blogpost are available at Radbag.nl. I think it’s the perfect site to find new gift ideas. I’ve gotten a whole lot of new inspiration for the next time I have to find some cool presents.

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