Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration 2017

Mother's Day Gift Inspiration 2017

In The Netherlands, we celebrate Mother´s Day on May 14th this year, so it’s time to find the perfect gift for your mom! In this blogpost I wanted to share some ideas for different kinds of mothers (for instance: mine doesn’t like cosmetics) so there is some gift inspiration for all of them.

Mother's Day Gift Inspiration 2017

Perfume & Cosmetics

Most mothers (except mine) really love getting gifts to make them feel amazing. You could go to a perfumary (or do some online shopping at Douglas, Ici Paris XL or maybe even Sephora) and choose a new perfume for her, but if you can’t spend that much money you could also try to find some good drugstore alternatives. In The Netherlands we’ve got Kruidvat, which is a drugstore that sells some nice products as well. Personally, I really love the Kneipp Douche Foams. They’re very similar to the Rituals Douche Foams, but they’re on sale on a regular basis so you can get a nice gift for a small amount of money.


Mother's Day Gift Inspiration 2017

A bouquet of flowers

You can’t forget about gifting your mother a nice bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. I love to choose a colorful bouquet so it’ll bring joy into your mom’s home! I’m 100% sure your mother will love it. If you can’t go to see your mom on Mother’s Day, you can always order a bouquet and make sure they deliver it on Mother’s Day! For example,  Greetz has a service like that. The flowers are delivered in a big giftbox and your mother will have an amazing experience. Of course, you can also do this if you can visit your mom. The surprise will be even bigger that way!


Mother's Day Gift Inspiration 2017


Girls’ night out

I always love to gift my mother something you can do together. You join her and relax in the spa for a day, but you can also have a dinner at her favorite restaurant. I love creating nice memories, I think it’s one of the most valuable things you could do!



Mother's Day Gift Inspiration 2017

Right photo

An useful gift

Some mothers prefer getting practical gifts. And let’s be honest: what’s better than gifting your mom something that she’ll use all the time? I always love decorating the garden with flowers, but you could also get her that Kitchen supply the wanted to get for so long. It might not be the first present that pops up into your mind, but I think it’s a present your mom will enjoy!


Myself, I’ve already been planning a Mother’s Day gift for this year. Of course I didn’t add mine to this blogpost, because it’ll ruin the surprise if she reads it! What are you gifting your mom this year?

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